Key Features

  • Appointment Calendar

    Appointment Calendar

    With an intuitive and customizable appointment calendar we’ve made it easy for you to view calendars for various clinics and physicians in one central place. Patients are automatically transferred to the database and verification systems allowing for a seamless connection and less data entry for your staff.

  • Patient Database

    Patient Database

    The patient database is organized and displayed in a way that allows you to easily sort your patients and export them into a CSV (Excel) file for marketing or research purposes. This allows you to look at your patient demographics, access e-mail and home addresses for any marketing campaigns, and review patient medical charts with the click of a button.

  • Document Storage

    Document Storage

    No more file cabinets or lost office forms! We have included an area that allows you to easily upload all of your office forms for you and your staff members to access at any time. Now you can keep your patient resources, medical release forms, training documents, and any other forms in one central place.

  • Sales and Financial Analytics

    Sales and Financial Analytics

    Imagine being able to keep on top of the business aspect of your practice with the click of a button. We make it easy to keep track of how many patients you are seeing and what your financial income is in real time, no matter whether you have one clinic or many.Decrease your cost of a bookkeeper and financial analyst, we make it simple.

  • Patient Verification

    Patient Verification

    Our software is a turnkey solution that covers your practice from beginning to end. Our platform has a built in online and phone patient verification system that allows your overhead costs to remain low, boosting your bottom line.

  • Patient Recommendations

    Patient Recommendations

    We’ve made it easy and confidential to create recommendations.  With the click of a button a recommendation automatically populates the patients information and a unique ID number for verification purposes. Each recommendation is filed in the patients online electronic chart.

  • Patient Recommendations

    24/7 Phone Verification

    In addition to our online verification system we have a 24/7 Automated Phone Verification System takes the headache out of verifying patients recommendations. A user simply calls your number, types in the patients ID number and the system will automatically and confidentially generate the expiration date and birth date of the patient. Your patients will be ecstatic!

  • Full EHR System

    Full EHR (Electronic Health Record) System

    With our software and a scanner you are equipped to be a totally paperless office. Each patient has an electronic medical chart that includes their demographic and contact information, general medical information, and any and all medical records.