How WholeLife Streamlines Your Practice

  • Turnkey Solution

    Turnkey Solution

    We deliver a ready and comprehensive solution so simple that anyone can use it. We have identified the essential components of any practice and made them accessible, intuitive, and highly scalable.

  • Web Hosted

    Web Hosted

    Because our solution is web based you can access any and all information about your practice from anywhere with an Internet connection. Cloud based software is the most efficient and economical way to manage your practice.

  • HIPAA Compliant

    HIPAA Standards

    WholeLife complies with the highest security measures in the industry. We protect your data at all levels of transmission with robust firewalls, encryption and secure hosting. Confidentiality and privacy are key elements in WholeLife’s software architecture.

  • Cost Savings

    Sales Analytics & Business Intelligence

    We not only manage your data but we tell you what it means in terms of the success of your business, this is a unique and extremely valuable aspect of WholeLife Software. See your average patient load over time as well as real-time income reports within seconds. WOW!

  • Cost Savings

    Guaranteed Cost Savings

    For all practices we have served so far, every one reports that our software yields more savings within their business than the fee that they pay for it. With more knowledge about your business and less cost to run, it’s hard to avoid the advantages that come with using our tools.

  • Cost Savings

    Free Support

    We offer free support for every customer. We are committed to having your staff and your practice run as efficiently and productively as possible.